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After suffering a devastating loss, musician Jagger Adkins is banished to the small town of Galena, Illinois. He is there to seek clarity, fight his internal demons and hopefully come out the victor. With so many things at stake, he stumbles across his perfect woman. There's only one problem. She’s old enough to be his mother. 

A divorced mother of two, Katrina Sweet is the perfect distraction to this young man’s problems. Can their hot and steamy summer fling survive Jagger’s hectic life on the road? Can a long-distance relationship work with their significant age difference? Or will Jagger’s massive celebrity, bad habits, and past tragedies be the catalyst to pull them apart? 

Sweet Love is a hot and steamy older woman, younger man BWWM interracial rock star romance.

SWEET LOVE book Excerpt 
I didn’t want him to stop. I was amazed. I was shocked. I was a whole bunch of adjectives. He ended with a slower, soulful version of Master Blaster Jammin’.
He opened his eyes, stopped singing and looked over at me. I happily clapped for him. He deserved it. He deserved a recording contract. Or at least an audition on one of those singing competition shows. His voice was magical. But I was about to take him to task.
“Jason, I heard you tell those teens you couldn’t sing.”
“Do you think I can sing?”
“Come on, I know you can sing and you know you can sing. Why did you lie to them like that? If you sing for them just like you did right now, they’d be in here every day buying candy.”
“It’s my secret. I can’t share my secrets with everyone.” His eyes were focused on me when he said this. I shifted in my seat.
“But you can share them with me?”
“Yes, I can. I like you. You’re special.”
My cheeks were on the road to forming a smile. I stopped my facial muscles dead in their deceptive tracks. This young man wasn’t flirting with me. He couldn’t be. I was just too old to know what flirting looked like nowadays. I had been married for twenty years. I didn’t know much of anything anymore.
“You are very talented,” I said to distract my thoughts.
“I’m all right, I guess.” One of his shoulders went up in a half-shrug.
“Bull. Do you have any other hidden talents?”
“Of course I do.”
“Tell me.”
“I can show you.”
“No, tell me first. I don’t want to see anything gross or weird.”
“I promise it’s not gross or weird.”
Jason placed the guitar on the side table. He scooted closer toward me. He took my laptop off my lap and placed it on top of the guitar behind him.
“What are you doing?”
“Showing you one of my hidden talents.”
“Ah, you’re just staring at me. Are you trying to hypnotize me?”
“No, I’m not. Close your eyes.”
“Katrina Sweet, stop being so difficult. Just trust me.”
“Let me see your hands.”
Jason placed his hands out between us. I don’t know what I was looking for. I knew he didn’t have anything in his hands. Maybe this was a childish magic trick. He was probably going to pull a quarter out of my ear.
“Close your eyes.”
I pursed my lips and reluctantly closed my eyes. My heart picked up the pace while I waited. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt it. His lips were on mine. One of his hands was on the side of my face. The other hand was pressed into the back of my neck. He had me. I was trapped. I was stuck to his lips and his tongue was dancing inside my mouth. My entire stomach fell to my feet. My brain said resist but my mouth and my body were like mashed potatoes. I just sat there and let him do it— kiss me.

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