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Workplace romance, office romance, bwwm romance, interracial books, diverse reads

Andrew Trubeau has lived a serene and prosperous life as a young, rich, eligible bachelor. He’s never been considered a nice guy. He is known for being a recluse and a shrewd businessman. Money and power have always fulfilled his needs until Robin MacDowell stumbles into his life and ultimately into his bed. Just when things start to heat up, Andrew is blindsided by conflicts in his personal and professional life. Will Andrew and Robin’s newfound relationship be able to survive his past mistakes? Or will ghosts from the past ruin the relationship they are desperately fighting to build? 


Things didn’t go the way Andrew Trubeau planned. He didn’t anticipate he’d fall for his assistant. He certainly didn’t expect his ex-fiancée coming back to town. Now he finds himself caught between two women, one from his past and the other from his present. Andrew is forced to make a decision that changes everything and pulls him away from the woman he vowed to love.

Robin MacDowell knew that dating her boss would be a bad idea. She never expected all the danger and drama that would surround Andrew. Secrets and lies manage to pull Andrew and Robin apart. Is the truth enough to make them find their way back to each other? Or is time, betrayal and distance the complication that could separate them forever?


office romance, bwwm books, bwwm novels
office romance, bwwm books, bwwm romance
Workplace romance, office romance, bwwm romance, interracial books, diverse reads


bwwm books, bwwm romance, lolah lace books, interracial romance novels, romance novels, boss series, workplace romance, office romance

Being a Bad Boss never felt so damn good. 

Robin MacDowell’s luck changes for the better when she lands a comfortable new job making more money. Getting to know her new boss proves to be challenging when his handsome good looks start to distract her from doing her job. Even if Robin can keep it strictly professional can her boss follow suit? 

Bwwm romance, Office romance, workplace romance, interracial romance
office romance, workplace romance, bwwm books, bwwm novels, bwwm romance
diverse reads, office romance, workplace romance